The Montstar Group was established in 1981 with a mission to spread the sparkle of quality Indian products across the globe. Soon after its establishment, the company was recognized and awarded by both the Indian government and by International organizations for its contribution to the promotion of trade and also for the development of new products and designs that increased the functionality of products.

With the continuous intent of being the market leader, the team work of the company has played an instrumental part in the success of the organization and has helped it achieve its current status as a premier star export house recognized by the government of India.


Since its inception, the company has expanded its operations significantly across different countries and has successfully diversified its product portfolio. Initiated with light engineering tools, the company extended its portfolio with the addition and continuous renewal of products like Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Barware, Sports Goods, Leather Products and Construction Frame works. In addition, on site warehouses and in house packaging units enable us to maintain the excellence in quality in our products.


As the company has continued to diversify its operations, it entered the home decor and textiles division with the intent to expand our global footprint in different product divisions. The growing customer interest in decorating their homes with unique and artistic furnishings and decor, Montstar Home came into existence to offer the very best of Indian produce to our customers globally. The collaboration of our knowledge & research complemented by innovative thinking paved the way for Montstar Home.


Montstar Home operates under the Montstar group and it is the home of a versatile collection of products are articulately designed and are produced using the best quality raw materials. Montstar Home provides entirely unique products which are handcrafted and depicts the rich heritage of India.


The attention to detail given to our products enhances the beauty of our products ultimately fusing quality and style. All the products are carefully selected and finished to maintain their distinctiveness and character. With a large assortment of products on offer, we have ensured that the collection entails elements of artistic brilliance that are rich in history and are carried down from generation to generation. We have successfully modified to bring together both historic and modern design and art to depict architecture in the finest form that will serve perfectly to both your home and workplace.


With our visionary zeal & our commitment to quality and innovation, Montstar Home will continue to develop and deliver the best of products in the market.